About Elephant Moments

There is a unique, special and intense but a wonderful story behind how Jabulani’s Elephant Experience has come into existence.


Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) rescued a 4 month old elephant calf in June 1997.

He was named Jabulani which means ‘to rejoice’. After a year of nursing Jabulani back to health, the process was put into place to re-introduce him back into the bush. Despite numerous attempts, Jabulani kept returning to his human family.


A rescue mission was put into place in March 2002, after word reached HESC of a Zimbabwean elephant herd that was facing a grisly and untimely end, we could not let this happen.


With absolute amazement the HESC team witnessed the meeting between Jabulani and the herd. He was immediately adopted by Tokwe (the matriarch) and had finally found his kin.


Left with the overwhelming custodianship of these beautiful mammals, next logical step was the creation of a camp to support them. To enable travelers from around the globe the extraordinary impact of interacting with elephants.


There is nothing ordinary about the life changing experience you receive at Jabulani.

Discover for yourself that intangible something that will leave you marked forever!

Arrive at sunrise for your personal introduction to a very special family. Nothing quite prepares you for your first encounter with the Jabulani elephants. Their mammoth size and vibrant presence are always humbling.


You’ll learn about their incredible story through the grooms who have walked the long road with them, and have formed lifelong bonds in the process. Rescued as a baby when he was found stuck in the mud of a silt dam, Jabulani is the namesake of the herd. The remaining members of his family were all rescued from a strife-torn Zimbabwe when their owner’s farm was expropriated by war veterans. At the hands of the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, the family was saved, and their new life on the Kapama Reserve began.


Over the years, 5 babies have been born to the herd and another two orphans, found in the wild, was rehabilitated successfully.


Your 90 minute interaction will include peacefully observing the animals in their natural habitat (the grooms will share their quirky tales, unique identification and distinctive character traits); a fascinating insight into their extraordinary anatomies (you’re bound to learn something new); and photographic opportunities in close proximity of the pachyderms. Coffee and tea with biscuits are served for your refreshment, as you immerse yourself fully in the natural environment of one of Africa’s most epic creatures.


Following your personal Elephant Interaction, you will have the opportunity to purchase a souvenir in the small Safari Boutique on site.


What you need to know:


Meeting Point: The Guernsey Gate (Jabulani Gate on the Guernsey Grave Road). You will be collected, and transferred to the elephants.

GPS Co-Ordinates: South 24 degrees, 26’ 27.83” | East 31 degrees, 07’ 38.59” (24°26’27.8″S 31°07’38.6″E)

Meeting time: 06h20am for the elephant interaction at 06h30am

Duration: 90 minutes

Please note:

  • As we are dealing with animals in a wild environment, programmes, availability and confirmations are all subject to factors which are beyond our control.
  • All guests will be required to sign an indemnity form before commencing with the interaction.
  • The minimum age for participation is 6 years old.